NanoNU Speaker Event with Andy Behr (Panasonic)

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Stretchable Hybrid Electronics Constructions Based on a Novel Thermosetting Polymer System

From 8:00 PM ET until 9:00 PM ET

Andy Behr is a Technology Manager with Panasonic Electronic Materials. In this role, his responsibilities include leading the development of new circuit materials for stretchable electronics. Andy will discuss some of the trends driving development in the emerging printed electronics market sector. He will also describe a new stretchable, thermosetting, non-silicone film under development by Panasonic researchers in Osaka, Japan as well as some proof-of-concept constructions that have been made using these materials.

Join this event through Zoom! Meeting ID: 965-0800-8912

This event is hosted by Northwestern University Nanotechnology Club (nanoNU), a student-run organization with broad goals of promoting science and engineering at the nanoscale level.

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