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the NANO student group

Global Nanobiotechnology Consortium (GNC) Conference 2022, a global endeavor at USF!

On April 22-24, 2022, the University of South Florida welcomed participants and speakers to the second annual Global Nanobiotechnology Consortium (GNC) Conference. This event was conducted over 3 days and was organized by the Taneja College of Pharmacy, The Florida Association of Nanotechnology (FAN) and two student organizations; New Advancements in Nanotechnology (NANO) and Engineering Biology. With over 160 attendees, this was the first conference following the pandemic that was offered in a hybrid format. Looking back at years 2020-2022, we recall a time that brought unprecedented calamity for mankind globally, with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, that has affected millions globally killing hundreds of thousands of individuals.

With the acknowledgment of a dire need to innovate nano-biotech-based methods and approaches for the management of the COVID-19 pandemic this conference was created. This conference focused on the applications of nanotechnology in biomedical sciences, bioengineering, and medicine for COVID-19 pandemic. The forum’s goals were in line with one of the focus areas of biomedical engineering which is defined as “Design and validation of systems that integrate living and non-living components for improved understanding, diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of disease or injury”. Read More »Global Nanobiotechnology Consortium (GNC) Conference 2022, a global endeavor at USF!